avatar TREVISO, in origin a Roman city, then a commune and finally a Venetian possession, mainly medieval in aspect, with picturesque canals and noble buildings.
it is the home of the headquarters of designer clothing company Benetton, and of the major appliance maker DeLonghi. As soon as we arrive in Treviso, we go straight to San Nicolo a superb Romanesque and Gothic church of refined proportions, the largest in the city, with frescoes by Tomaso da Modena and numerous pictures and sculptures.

From here, by way of Via Battisti and Via S. Liberate, passing the Palladian church of S. Agnese, we reach the Art Gallery, interesting for frescoes by Tomaso da Modena, paintings by Giovanni Bellini, Cima da Conegliano, etc., and works of the 17 and 18 centuries.
Turning down Via Canova (notice the Casa da Noal with its painted facade), we come to the Cathedral, distinguished by its seven domes.Inside, a tender Annunciation by Titian and the ethereal Madonna dei Fiore by Girolamo da Treviso.
Next to the Cathedral are the 13 century Bishop's Palace and the Baptistery. From here, we walk to the Canale dei Buranelli to see the old houses which line it and finally reach the Piazza dei Signori, the center of the city of Treviso, dominated by the Palazzo dei Trecento (1217) and the Palazzo dei Podesta. The visit ends at the graceful Loggia dei Cavalieri.