avatar Asolo is a medieval town, which nineteenth century Italian poet Giosuč Carducci called "the town of a hundred horizons", stands as an architectural jewel of Veneto in the midst of an enchanting panorama. The Rocca or citadel dominates the old town hosting the castle, the Cathedral, with an altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto, and the fifteenth century Palazzo della Ragione (House of Justice). The captivating walk along the narrow streets and porticoes of the old town have inspired artists from all over the world.
On arrival the visitor is overwhelmed by the view of Asolo's famous citadel dominating the old town and the surrounding landscape. From its battlements visitors enjoy an enchanting panorama. Fortified in the 13th century on the remains of a fort, it is joined to the Castle by a wall enclosing the whole townInside the castle the Torre Civica (municipal tower) and the smaller Torre Reata (Judicial Tower) surround the Municipal Theatre, named after Italian actress Eleonora Duse.