Brenta River: Villas

The many villas,gardens and historic buildings along the Brenta River (Riviera del Brenta) . Some are open to the public, some are open at certain time only, others are closed to visitors. Here are those to which admittance may be gained.

  1. Villa Foscari 'La Malcontenta'

    LOCATION: Malcontenta (Venezia)
     This villa, which Palladio executed for the brothers Nicola and Alvise Foscari about the end of the 1550s, rises in an isolated block with no agricultural annexes whatsoever, on the edge of the lagoon and the banks of the river Brenta. More than a 'villa-farm', then, it presents itself as a villa su …
  2. Barchessa Valmarana

    LOCATION: Mira Porte (Venezia)
     On one of the most suggestive and scenic bends in the Brenta stands the architectural complex of Villa Valmarana. The main part of the great country house - dating from the 16th century - was, alas, demolished in the early 20th century to avoid payment of a wealth tax. In 1734 the property originall …
  3. Villa Widmann Foscari

    LOCATION: Mira Porte (Venezia)
     Charming example of 18th-century stately home, frescoed and decorated in a refined rococo style. Refinement is also the distinguishing feature of he first floor with its slender balconies surrounding fine and well-measured windows. The whole is dominated by a roof perforated by a large cross-vault w …
  4. Villa Gradenigo

    LOCATION: Oriago di Mira (Venezia)
     The Gradenigo is introduced with square shapes like that one the sixteenth-century palaces of the center of Venice. The central balcony in the noble plan still indicates localization of the hall. Being used for private room in the last century, many frescoes have been cancel . Visitabile for groups …
  5. Barchessa Alessandri

    LOCATION: Mira (Venezia)
     The Barchessa Alessandri stands beside the same named villa, at Mira, on the left bank of the Brenta Canal. The building is a beautiful example of seventeenth century architecture. Inside it has a cycle of important frescoes painted by G. Antonio Pellegrini (1675-1741), the one of his three works wh …
  6. Villa Belvedere - the park and the Castelletto

    LOCATION: Mirano (Venezia)
     The landscaped nineteenth century park has a lake, a hillock and a tower that was used as a belvedere. Among park there are the XXV Aprile (ex. Villa Morosini) and Belvedere villas, open to the local public and visitors from afar attracted by the beauty of the parks and the cultural events. Between …
  7. Villa Foscarini Rossi

    LOCATION: Stra (Venezia)
     The Villa Foscarini Rossi is located along the flow of the river Brenta in Stra, near Venice and Padua. The Foscarini family made build this residence as a mirror of his richness and power; many famous architects, painters and decorators (Vincenzo Scamozzi, Francesco Contini, Giuseppe Jappelli, Piet …
  8. Villa Pisani (la Nazionale)

    LOCATION: Stra (Venezia)
     An imposing and monumental edifice, Villa Pisani could be deemed without doubt queen of the villas on the banks of the Brenta. It represent the heights of 18th century architecture when the splendour of the baroque blended with the harmony of classicism on a par with great palaces like Versailles an …
  9. Villa Sagredo

    LOCATION: Vigonovo (Venezia)
     The elegant Villa Sagredo whose stones can relate the history of Vigonovo stands in the midst of the great park, nowadays the setting for important ceremonies. A Roman castle in the 4th century, destroyed by the Huns, rebuilt as a fortified Byzantine palace, in the course of its very long history th …
  10. Villa Giovanelli

    LOCATION: Noventa Padovana (Padova)
  11. Villa Contarini

    LOCATION: Piazzola sul Brenta (Padova)
     The magniloquent baroque appearance that the Villa Contarini displays today is, in all probability, the result of the seventeenth-century transformation of a villa designed by Andrea Palladio in the 1540s for Paolo Contarini and his brothers. Traces of Palladio’s work linger on in maps and archival …
  12. Villa 'La Rotonda' (Villa Almerico)

    LOCATION: Capra Valmarana (Vicenza)
     La Rotonda is situated atop a hill in suburban Vicenza. Its four facades look out upon cultivated fields on three sides and a wooded slope on the fourth. The central dome, one of Palladio's most famous and imitated motifs, was itself inspired by the Pantheon of ancient Rome. History Paolo Almer …
  13. Villa Barbaro

    LOCATION: Maser (Treviso)
     Villa Barbaro, located in the village of Maser adjacent to the famous hilltown of Asolo, was built for Daniele Barbaro, Patriarch of Aquileia, and his brother Marc'antonio Barbaro, an ambassador of the Venetian Republic. Construction began in (prob.) 1549 and was substantially completed by 1558. The …